There is more about sound that you can hear, and there are some websites that I just learned of, and some more useful concepts for this type of project, giving another turn of the screw.

First, the site about Data sonification came, linking to Sonification.de[1], a site about the first definitions and formal talk about the subject. In there you can find all sorts of formal language about the subjects and some of the possibilities. As I see it, it can be useful to have a spatialization technique, mapped into data behaviors, or the other way around.

As to embed the ViMiC application on a different context, data can be mapped into space at different movement rates, positions and with different colors or intensities. Work on the communication between the data and the sonification engine must be done. So far what I’ve seen on this sites and texts is that there is a general idea or concept about sonification and its applications and methodology abstractions, but not a common language. Max MSP has been used before, communicating live streams or data sets in the form of spreadsheets or CSV’s (comma separated values) files.

Here, a sonification of the Stock Market.

[1]. http://sonification.de/



One thought on “Sonification

  1. Thanks for picking up on my Max patch! I learnt Max over a couple of weeks, for a module on my degree and this was the first (and last) patch I made.
    I appreciate that you used my patch as an example of Sonification.

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