So the Mexican elections went through, and I was heavily motivated programming in Matlab, watching the popularity charts of the candidates, working in the souvenir shop and getting upstairs with the creativity.

So here a sound of that period, sound of the upcoming revolution is a Binaural Track, that was produced using binaural cues from impulse responses, processed in matlab and cut and edited using Audacity.

The sounds are placed in different points on an circle around the head, an outdoor location, cows and horses on the back and sides, thunders from afar, a radio with the recent news from the outraged people in some country, and a pair of guns loading behind the head. the people ready to shoot.

A kind of a short-story:

The photography was taken on Vilnius, Lithuania, the mysterious Eastern European country through the looking glass. With modernity, technology and sobriety. And some guns over there… in contrast with the images of the sound.


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