To do an Audio to MIDI  (pitch detector/tracker) effect in Max for Live, I found conflicts with the number of bits in Ableton, in Max (both of which are 64 bit in my setup) and with the externals to use, fiddle~ in this case. The way around was to download the 64bit version of fiddle~ from fiddle_64bit_version by vboehm, compile it and create the .mxo file to add to the folders that are visible by Max.

Anyway, went and did it. But after doing it, I thought to really check what was the state of things and devices done before. I found there are some official things by Cycling74,  and I also found one in maxforlive.com.

So! I thought to put this up to add yet another pitch detector, but this includes the fiddle~ for 64 bits that proved hard to find. Here the description.

Download Device here.

Audio2Midi picks the audio from the channel, finds the pitch using fiddle~ and then sends a MIDI message to a MIDI Device in a Midi Channel.

The MIDI receptor is included in the zip.

The fiddle~ object is also included in the frozen Device. It is a compiled version for Max and Ableton 64 bit. OSX.

The device sends a midi message every time it detects an attack. This can be dampened to modify the sensitivity to either pitch or gain changes that trigger a message.

Pleas use and abuse to find ways to improve it.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.05.37 PM


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