Sound art performance and jam session, along 14 artists at the Greenhouse Berlin. Curated by Zona Dynamic. 17 Sept 2016.

AMALGAMA is a multi-media sound art jam session, a unified field including the creative voices of 14 artists, sharing a floor and a volume creating a collaborative, abstract, non- tangible sound installation. „ Hello there! Who are you? I can hear us“. By refilling the silence between us, we are fostering the point of a common sense and a state of unity.

The event was a sequence of solos by the sound artists, that ranged from synthesis, manipulation of analogue musical devices, to sampling and musical improvisations. This was followed by a jam session with all artists involved, in which beauty emerged from chaos.

Frequencies Soundscape was a performance using a spatial sound improvisation, with simple tones and frequencies, focusing on the effects, interferences, patterns and rhythms that sound made as it moved over the room. Bringing forth the ideas of the physicality of the vibrational phenomena everywhere.

Amalgama – RobertoBecerra from roberto becerra on Vimeo.

Photo credits: Liucija Dervinyte

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